Having it all

‘All things are yours’ 1 Corinthians 3.21

The context for this bold statement is an occasion when Paul was addressing the issue of divisions in the church.  It seemed to cause him great hurt when people turned away from their sense of unity and split into factions, some following one person and some another.  As a result they tended to go their separate ways.  The underlying issue may well have been envy and jealousy, which can do easily form factions and cause rifts if left unchecked.  Paul concluded this chapter by pointing out the fact that envy is pointless.  Why be envious, he said, when ‘All things are yours’?

It is probably true that we spend more time thinking about what we do not have than what we have, and looking at what is lacking in our lives can cause us to lash out at those who have what we want.  To this, Paul’s words are so refreshing and liberating – ‘All things are yours’.  The things that we want in our spiritual life we can have.  In his letter James has a similar message, and suggests that we tend to fight for the things we want instead of simply asking God for them.

When you next need something from God, believe that ‘All things are yours’ and then simply ask him for it.

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