Loving God with our souls

“Love the Lord your God with all your . . . soul” Mark 12.30 (4)

It is quite hard to define a soul, but it is something that is at the very core of our being – the part of us that is the seat of our emotions and leads us to do extra-ordinary things.

A story that demonstrates someone loving God with all their soul is in Mark 12.41-44 – the widow who gave everything to God.  We know very little about her and how she came to be in such poverty, but despite her circumstances she was moved to give everything she had as an offering, presumably with no consideration of the cost to herself.  She was giving to the temple, which was as near as she could get to giving to God himself, and by doing this she was loving God with all her soul.

The principle is the same whether or not money is involved.  When you worship, there may well be times when you feel you have very little to give, either emotionally or spiritually.  However, to love God with all your soul is to worship anyway; to say the words and sing the songs even if you find it hard.  Others may appear to be praising God with ease – they are giving out of their riches.  When you worship out of confusion and even misery you are giving out of your poverty.

Whether you find it easy or difficult to worship today, God is honoured when you love him with all your soul.

One thought on “Loving God with our souls

  1. Jean Wright

    the 4 days of love the Lord God with heart, soul and and mind were good to focus there is so many other things to distract us in today’s world to take our mind else where. Thank u for my calendar and message for Denise thank you the treatment went well l am now clear just homemone tablets God bless you all

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