All we want is so close

‘…your Name is near;’ Psalm 75.1

This is extremely encouraging news!  Whoever you are, whatever situation you are in and no matter what you have done – the Name of the Lord is near.

The ‘name’ of the Lord refers to everything about him; his character, his presence and his whole being.  He is near all the time, which means that so too is his love, his compassion and his power.

When Solomon dedicated the temple in the Old Testament, God declared that his name would always be in it– in other words, he would dwell there.  It is the very same God who is near you now.  Take a moment to lift your mind off the situations around you – it might be as simple as closing your eyes for a moment – and remind yourself of the amazing truth that the name of the Lord is near, and along with his name comes everything you could possibly need in life.

Once you have an awareness of God’s closeness, either by sensing his presence or by acknowledging the truth of it, open yourself up to ask for what you need.  Perhaps simply say the word, ‘Come’.  His nearness is not something meant to tantalise you – ‘You could have it, but I am not going to give it to you!’  Instead, God longs to give you all you need, and his nearness expresses his longing to draw close to you so that he might be your provider, your resource and your Lord.

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