The extent of salvation

‘My mouth will tell of your righteous deeds, of your saving acts all day long- though I know not how to relate them all.’ Psalm 71.15

Our vision of God can never be big enough!  No matter how much we may speak of the wonderful things God has done for us, the vastness of them will still be beyond our comprehension.  We might look at an image of Jesus on the cross and proclaim that he died for our sins, but the enormity of this action can never be fully contained in a single sentence.  God, the creator of all, took human form and allowed himself to be brutally tortured and killed by those he had created – and then he rose from the dead.  What a stunning truth!

This fact has incredible and far-reaching implications for every person who has ever lived, as well as for each moment of creation and for every human action over the centuries.  The truth that Jesus died and rose again changes everything – and we will never completely understand how or why.

Each time you meet someone over the next day or so, try asking yourself this question: what difference does it make to this person that God allowed himself to be killed and then he rose again?  Similarly, when you listen to the daily news, what difference does the death and resurrection of Jesus make to the events being reported?

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