Answered Prayer

“…who rides across the heavens to help you” Deuteronomy 33.26

All of us have probably experienced praying for something, but not seeing our prayers answered in the way we had hoped – or at least certainly not in the time frame that we had in mind.  Is it that God is too busy attending to other things before he gets round to us, or is he trying to teach us patience and faith?  This phrase puts a new perspective on it – perhaps there is no delay at all!

The sense of God riding across the heavens to help us conjures up an amazing picture of him, warrior-like, hearing our prayers and rushing to our aid.  However, it may be that this image needs a little correction.  What if the very act of prayer does actually cause him to rush straight to our side, yet we are totally unaware of him?  Our disappointment is often because he doesn’t sort out for us the particular concern on our mind.  Yet what if he is silently acting, working and influencing something different – maybe not the situation mentioned in our prayers, but our hearts?

Whenever you call upon him, he is with you at work somewhere.  Begin to look for clues pointing to his presence and start to give him thanks.

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