The wonder of the Father

‘Is he not your Father..?’ Deuteronomy 32.6

These simple but profound words call us back to the wonder of how God feels about us.

They are wonderful words to remember when we feel blessed in some way, as they focus us on the one who is the source of blessing and the reason for it.  It is not down to anything we have done, but because of who he is – our Father who loves us.

The words are also wonderful to recall when things do not seem to be going well.  We have not been abandoned and God has not forgotten us – he is still our Father.  This knowledge brings with it the encouragement to dare to believe that we have the privilege to call upon him with confidence, knowing that his love for us has not changed one iota from times of blessing in the past.  He is still our Father and longs for us, his beloved children, to call to him for help.

Finally these are words to call to mind when we have wandered away.  The story of the Prodigal Son reminds us of the image of the Father who is waiting and longing for us to return to him.  It is the image of a Father who feels the pain of separation far more keenly than we ever will.

Whatever your situation, be encouraged: ‘Is he not your Father..?’

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