Being a person of God

‘For from him and through him and for him are all things.’ Romans 11.36

We will never understand the wonder of God, but it is worth making an effort to understand more than we do!  In this verse Paul was not merely making an expansive statement, but was seeking to share something that he had come to understand about the enormity of who God is – and it is something into which we can begin to enter.

Paul was able to look at both himself and other people – and indeed at all creation – and speak these words; everything is from God, through God and for God.  Other translations put it like this:

‘All things were created by him, and all things exist through him and for him.’ (Good News Bible)

‘Everything comes from God alone.  Everything lives by his power, and everything is for his glory.’ (Living Bible)

What does this mean for you?  Look in a mirror and say these words as you look at your reflection: ‘I am from God, through God and for God’.  As you go about your business today, whenever you meet other people try to repeat these words under your breathe: ‘this person is from God, through God and for God’.  The chances are that it will make quite a difference to your outlook.

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