The waiting is a blessing

‘You will not be allowed to eliminate them all at once’ Deuteronomy 7.22

A strange verse, but actually quite important!  A common cry from the hearts of most people who have ever prayed is along the lines of: “Why doesn’t God simply do what I ask?”  No doubt this was also the thought that went through the minds of the Israelites in their days of wandering in the desert, where they faced test after test, battle after battle.  Surely God could have made everything much easier for them?

In this passage, God was speaking through Moses to the people and saying that when they came into the promised land, they would defeat their enemies but they would do it slowly and not all at once.  A logical response would be to ask why they had to wait and not have victory straight away?  The answer God gave was that if he did as they suggested, something worse would happen – and in their case it would be a matter of the wild animals multiplying.

The point is this; God has promised to bless you.  This is his heart for you, and yet you may be looking at your life and wondering why his blessing is so slow in coming.  This verse is a reminder to us that the very way that God is bringing blessing, and the speed of it, is a blessing in itself.

God has his hand on every part of your life, to the amazing extent that even the speed at which prayer is answered is entirely in his hands.  God is doing it his way for a reason, and for this he can be thanked and worshipped.

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