Looking back

‘…do not forget the things your eyes have seen…’ Deuteronomy 4.9 (1)

Advice is often given not to dwell on the past – the idea being that to wallow in past mistakes will actually rob us of our present and future.  Yet as this verse from Deuteronomy tells us, there is a value in remembering what God has done in our lives.  All too often he does something for us, or speaks to us in a profound way, and then we promptly forget it!

There are a number of ways of increasing our awareness of what God has been doing or saying to us.  One practice is to sit quietly at the end of the day, thinking through the hours that have just passed, and then to reflect on two questions.

First, what has brought you joy, and why?  Where was God in this time?

Secondly, what has been a cause of sadness, distress or regret – and why?  What do you sense is God saying about this?

End this time with a genuine sense of thanks for what has been good, and sorrow for what you might have done wrong.

God has, of course, been with you throughout your day, but at the time you may not have been aware of it.  As you do this little ‘exercise’, your consciousness of God’s presence increases as you actively look for it and notice where he has been.


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