Seeing the rock

‘…lead me to the rock that is higher than I.’ Psalm 61.2

This is such a powerful prayer.  How do we find this rock that is not just bigger than us but greater than anything we might come across or mightier than whatever might afflict us?

In one sense, finding the rock is no more difficult than asking where the air that we breathe might be.  God, our rock, is with us – he always has been and always will be. In fact, if this invisible God chose to reveal his glory, we would be shocked by the sheer magnitude of his being – yet we so often miss his presence with us.

So the prayer of faith is not really saying ‘lead me to the rock’, but rather, ‘the rock is here’.  This sounds so easy, but how can we say this when we don’t see or feel God?  There is a real connection between faith and worship.  Worship does two things; it expresses and feeds our faith.  In turn, real faith worships God for what he is doing even when we cannot see it.  Thanking God for something we cannot see also increases our belief in what he is doing.

So the answer to how you can be in the presence of the rock that is higher than everything else is to react as you would if you could see it right there in front of you.  How would you react?  What would you say to God?  Take this step of faith now and worship him, even if you are not aware of him, and let the sense of his presence grow.

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