The Lord is my Provider

‘So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide.’ Genesis 22.14

When Abraham named this place he was setting down a marker to proclaim clearly something he had discovered to be true that he wanted everyone to know about.  The story of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac is well known.  In many ways it seems a barbaric story, but the lesson learned about God’s provision is one that Abraham would never forget.  For this reason, he named the place where these events took place, ‘The LORD Will Provide’, and this truth about God is for us to take to heart as well.

The truth that God is our provider echoes throughout the pages of the Bible.  It is one of the names given to God that so many through the ages have found be true.  It is a truth to which Jesus returned, assuring his followers that if God provided for the birds of the air then surely he would care for them who were of far more value than the birds.  We all have different needs – physical, spiritual, emotional or social – but it is so encouraging that one of the very first names that God revealed about himself in the Bible was that of provider.

There is nothing wrong in having needs, but the way we give voice to them is important.  It is not a matter of expressing them out of helplessness or despair, but rather bringing them to the one who has declared that he wants to be known as ‘The LORD Will Provide’.  Every time you are aware of a need, remember to apply his name to it, and then wait for your loving Father God to provide for you.

There’s no time like the present, so if you have a pressing need or concern at the moment, bring it to him now with expectation.

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