What are we looking at?

“For look, the wicked bend their bows;” Psalm 11.2

The main issue addressed in this psalm is what can we do when evil is all around us? We only have to watch the news or read a newspaper to recognise that there does seem to be so much evil in various forms, so what can we do?

A common response is one of despair; to look at the world and feel that things can only get worse until there is an inevitable collapse.  However the response advocated in this psalm is to worship.  David looked around him at the unfolding situation and then turned his mind to the truth proclaimed in verse 4: ‘…the LORD is on his heavenly throne.’  In other words, no matter what we may see, or what is reported to us, God has not been removed from his throne.  He is still the Creator God, the Lord of heaven and earth, the one before whom every knee shall bow.

There may well be practical things that you feel called to do to help, or perhaps the opposite is true and you can’t see any way in which you can get involved.  No matter which of these applies, begin by turning your attention away from the things you see around you and instead focus on the reality of the Lord, still enthroned on high where he is reigning now and always.

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