Being in God’s Presence

‘Let the light of your face shine on us.’ Psalm 4.6

Many people pray; far more than the number who go to church or admit to having any kind of relationship with God.  This verse brings prayer right back to a relationship, rather than simply a focus on need.

Letting the light of God’s face shine upon us is such a visual image.  It is really a way of asking for a sense of his presence upon us.  However, asking God for his presence is actually more of an invitation to us rather than to him.  It is an encouragement for us to step into the reality of what is already available – the wonder of knowing that God is with us.

It is this that is likely to distinguish those who have a relationship with God and others who only pray in an emergency or as an act of superstition.  We step into God’s presence because we have a relationship with him, and no matter whether or not our prayers are answered exactly as we hope, the very act of stepping into his presence is in itself of benefit and a blessing to us.

Take a moment right now to recollect the truth that God’s presence is with you.  Where is he right now?  How does his presence change your situation?

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