Kneeling before the Father

‘…I kneel before the Father’ Ephesians 3.14

This is the beginning of such a glorious passage in Ephesians 3 that we are going to spend the next week looking at different aspects of it.  In just 6 verses, Paul shares his vision that we can all be filled to the measure with the fullness of God – a dream that is simply too good to be true!  Paul begins by laying out the first step towards reaching such a marvellous goal, and this step is to ‘kneel before the Father’.

This is not a reference to how we position ourselves in prayer but is about our attitude of submission.  We tend to think of submission in terms of one person being dominant over another, but it also has another meaning; making our thoughts subordinate to those of another.

To submit to the Father, or to kneel before him, is to accept his thoughts about us over and above any thoughts we may have about ourselves.  It means laying aside any beliefs that we are worthless and lead meaningless lives, and instead accepting that we are fearfully and wonderfully made; loved to such an extent that the Father gave Jesus for us.

Take a moment right now to submit to the Father and bask in the truth of his love for you.  It might well mean letting go of any thoughts about how little value you place on your own life or the way you compare yourself to others.  You are loved, valued and precious in the sight of God – so recognise this and submit to it.


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