Catching the Father’s heart for us

He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”’ Mark 5.34

One final, beautiful detail in this story is what happened after the woman was healed from her terrible condition.  It would have caused her to be isolated from all her friends and family, and yet as soon as he brought healing Jesus turned to her and called her, “Daughter”.

To understand why he said this, we have to go back to an event that is recorded a few chapters previously in Mark, chapter 3.  When Jesus’ family came to him and tried to see him, his response was that as far as he was concerned his family were really those who did what God wanted.

Let’s hold that in mind as we think about what Jesus said to this woman.  We often think that what God wants from us is slavish obedience and laws obeyed, but we are not told that this woman did anything like that.  What she did was to catch the Father’s heart for her life: she believed that she mattered to God and that he would want to touch her.  By holding on to this she caught his heart and brought him pleasure.  Jesus recognised this and tenderly called her, ‘daughter’.

It seems strange, but the truth is that we bring pleasure to God when we catch his heart for us.  We matter so much to him and are not simply nameless beings with illnesses or needs.  Instead each of us is known by him and loved by him and the more we can catch this, the more we bring him pleasure.

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